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Welcome to the Vole Control resource center. You can find information on how to remove and control vole problem’s along with other common pests. We post tip’s, trick’s, and guides on how you can solve these critter problems yourself. This can save you ton’s of money by learning how to get rid of voles on your own. A normal cost for hiring a professional wildlife or pest control  company would be between $200 to $1000’s+. This is not an option for every person, but vole control is not a well known skill, honestly most large companies have no idea how to control voles.

How To Get Rid Of Voles

Before deciding whether or not you should hire a professional it is a good idea to try and solve the problem on your own. Below is a link to a site that has all the products needed for DIY vole control. These items are top quality, but best of all you can order directly online and get free shipping!

–>>Click Here For DIY Vole Control Products

We do not sell pest control products, but have a company that provides vole control services. Over the many years we have found that this common problem can be solved by the homeowner and save you a lot of money doing it on your own. We have built this site to help average people handle vole problems. Below are some great options for the DIY people out there.

Natural Vole Repellent:

Vole Control Natural

(Click For More Information)

This product is a great option because it is one of the few natural products made specifically to repel voles. It is the professional grade and it has a great success rate! It is one of the more expensive products, but we have found that it actually saves money because it works the first time.  When you do not want to use poison it is a great humane vole control product. This is a great solution if you do not want to kill the voles, but instead get rid of voles in your yard.

Find Product Here–>> Natural Vole Repellent (FREE Shipping)



Vole Control Repellent

Vole & Mole Repellent

(Click For Prices and Reviews)

If you want a quick working product then this is a great option. The best part about this product is that it come in granule form and in a reusable container. When ever you notice vole damage in your yard you can just spread the product around the damaged area. We recommend keep an extra container in your garage and applying as soon as you notice damage. This way you can stop voles from spreading around the yard.

Link Here–>> Vole Control Repellent




Vole Control

vole trap


First off, what is a vole? For more details check out our post: What is a Vole. Basically, vole’s are small rodent’s that dig and use tunnel’s underground. They look very similar to a mouse, but have bigger ear’s and there tail is shorter and have more hair. The most common vole problem is damage they cause from multiple hole’s and tunnel’s throughout yard’s and fields. Vole’s like most small rodent’s can reproduce very quickly, which can create a very large problem when left unattended.

In almost every cause vole control means more that just removing the current problem voles. This is where many people stop and where the problem starts again. You need to set up a maintenance plan to be ready when voles return, and most likely they will. Another option is to perform exclusion services to prevent voles from returning.  This is only an option for very small areas and even then can be a very difficult option. Vole exclusion involves digging a trench surrounding the area and secure the wire mess throughout the trench.  As you can tell, this would be difficult and almost impossible in some larger areas. Over all the best method to remove and control is to use vole traps with in a maintenance program.

Mole Control

Mole Control

Mole Dirt Mounds

Mole’s are the most common pest that damages people’s yards. And if you have ever had a mole problem you know how frustrating that can be. A mole problem can be identified by most people by the large basketball sized dirt mound’s created. This is different than voles, but commonly voles will use old mole tunnels. Also mole’s will use old mole tunnel’s meaning your more likely to have a mole problem after you have already had one. This is a frustrating truth, but knowledge is power so if we set up a maintenance plan the problem’s can be controlled more easily.

Gopher Control

vole and gopher control

Vole and Gopher

Many time you will have gopher problem’s along with vole problems. Vole will commonly use old or current  tunnel’s made from gophers or moles. This can create a larger problem because then you have two different critter’s to remove. As you can see gopher’s are much larger than voles and also create create different problems. Gopher’s commonly damage yards and destroy garden’s. The easiest way to figure out which kind of underground pest is the tunnel size and the dirt mound’s they create.

Gopher’s create dirt mound’s that are to the side of the entrance to the tunnel and usually about the size of a small soccer ball. Vole’s will have hole’s about the size of a golf ball with almost no dirt above ground.

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