Vole vs Mole

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Vole vs Mole

When it comes to animals, nature offers all kinds of species. These come in all shapes and sizes and have their own traits. Habitats that they choose too are different and are dictated by various elements such as availability of food and protection from the predators.  Knowing the difference between a Vole vs Mole is important to solving a problem with either critter.


Vole and mole are two animals that are often found in gardens. It is the natural habitat for the two which allows them the maximum chances of survival. They have rhyming names which sounds interesting. The two also directly or indirectly have a negative impact on the vegetation.  However, this is more or less all of the similarities the two of them have apart from their habitat of choice.

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Vole Appearance vs Mole Appearance 

The appearance of the two animals is quite different. The features of a mole are similar to rodents as it has a pointed face with their eyes are ears barely visible although it is not one. They have very strong claws that are used in order to dig tunnels and it is believed that they can dig up to 15 feet in a single hour. They vary between five to eight inches in length. Voles on the other hand are rodents that have a much smaller size. They have a length of three to five inches and appear to be a common mouse. They have visible sharp teeth and have small ears.


Vole Food vs Mole Food

Moles are carnivores and prey on adult insects and worms. They do not consume vegetation. On the contrary, the voles are vegetarians and are known to damage the plantations since it is a source of their food. They consume seeds, roots, tubers and conifer needles. Although the moles do not directly participate in the damage that is caused by the voles, they do so indirectly as their tunnels are used by the voles in their search for food.


Vole vs Mole Damage

Controlling both these animals is not an easy task. They both cause damage to the gardens and the vegetation in one way or another. The moles do not cause direct damage but the tunnels they make leave the vegetation vulnerable to disease. The affects of the voles are much more direct on the vegetation as they consume the roots and whatever else they can, thus damaging the produce.


Vole vs Mole Lifestyle

The two also lead a different lifestyle. The moles mostly prefer to stay inside the ground in the tunnels that they have dug. Voles on the other hand are found at the surface. They do make use of the holes made by moles if there is an opportunity. In that case, they also get to feed on the roots of the vegetation.

In order to catch the two to stop them from damaging the garden, there will be need of a small cage and two different baits. While the mole will be more interested in some insects or worms, moles are more likely going to be attracted by something like peanut butter.

The two of them have few similarities and many differences. Although they may appear to be interesting, it is best to get rid of them in order to protect the gardens. For information on dealing with these problems feel free to check out mole and vole control products.


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